Is Monogamy Forced

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We were hanging out in Mo’s Corner this week and the topic came up about monogamy in the traditional relationship model.

A question was posed, is monogamy natural or forced upon us?

Initially, I felt it should be considered natural. However, you know me. I think and then research. We have to look at the meaning of these words because it’s going to be controversial what I’m going to say next.

Monogamy is a forced practice through humans to control how we conduct ourselves.

Let’s back up for a moment and discuss why it isn’t natural. Take a look at the meaning of both words.

natural – existing or caused by something of nature and not made or caused by a human being.

forced – obtained or imposed by coercion or physical power.

So, why is it difficult to be monogamous?

How about a “the more you know” moment…

During my research on this topic I found that in humans and numerous other species, women who are tied to one partner may have others in secret. Of course, it has to be in secrecy because of societal views on the matter. This also prevents retaliation of the male counterpart due to the woman abandoning the relationship.

Among mammals, just 9 percent of species are monogamous; among primates, just 29 percent are. Humans are a diverse lot, but before Western imperialism, 83 percent of indigenous societies were polygynous, 16 percent monogamous, and 1 percent polyandrous (where women have multiple husbands)

Did you know elephant seals, whose harems often number up to 40?

And did you know, from genetic evidence it is reported the shift from polygyny to monogamy began more than 10,000 years ago?

Monogamy does not happen naturally. It is a learned behavior as with most of what we do as humans. It is the religious and societal views enforcing the beliefs that when you desire and wish to be with multiple people it’s unnatural.

Let’s talk about it. Do you feel it’s natural to be monogamous? Or do you feel it’s forced and a learned behavior?

“I say what they think and feel, that’s why they love me.” ~ Mo Flames

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