Mo's ARC Team

Thank you for your interest in joining my ARC team! I would love to have you aboard! 

What is an ARC Team?

The ARC (Advance Reader Copy) Team gets my newest books digitally for FREE before they are released, in exchange for leaving honest and timely reviews of the book on launch day. Occasionally, you can also win giveaway prizes exclusive to the ARC team! If you need a deeper understanding of what an ARC Team is, or have questions regarding any of the below prerequisites, please reach out to me here before submitting an application.

Can anyone join the ARC team?

Absolutely! But there is a simple pre-requisite:

You promise not to pirate or share the ARC (Advance Reader Copy) with any other person or party.

What happens after I apply?

After you fill out and submit the application, I will reach out to you via the email provided, usually within 48 hours, with word on whether or not you have been accepted into the ARC team. If you are, just sit back and wait for more info on when you can expect your next pre-launch book and the due dates that will apply. If you are not selected, don’t sweat it! You can apply again anytime in the future or you can always reach out to me with questions.

Once you have joined the ARC team, you will remain on it indefinitely and will be notified before a new book cycle begins with details pertaining to that project. If that particular book’s timing doesn’t line up with your life, you can opt out in advance while staying on the ARC team for future projects. Please note, if you opt out too often, or if at any time you receive an ARC and fail to post a review within the 24-hour timeframe, you may not be eligible to receive ARCs in the future.

What are the expectations for the reviews I have to write?

Reviews need not be long, complicated, or in-depth. Along with the 1-5 star rating, most leave a small paragraph or just a few sentences as review but even a couple of words will suffice. The important part is that it is honest. You have no obligation to rate a book highly if you did not enjoy it! However, I do ask that if you are inclined to give it a one or two star rating that you contact me before posting. My only other ask is to please leave the full plot synopsis and spoilers out of the review.

ARC Team applications are open! If you’ve read through all of the above information and you’re ready to rock, click below, and let’s do this thing!