Reckless Desire Sneak Peek

Vincent entered the address into the navigation app. After calculating the distance from his rental property to her home, he grinned and declared aloud, “I’ll do you one better. I’ll be there in less than thirty minutes, Ms. Dominique Nyari Benoit.”

He made a dash for the master bedroom, freshened up, dressed in a gray sweatsuit, and was out the door heading to her house in less than ten minutes. After a short drive, he navigated his way through the winding roads of a neighborhood that brought him to the entrance of an impressive luxury home with an innovative architectural style. He pulled the SUV into the circular driveway. Not wanting to waste another second, he quickly shut off the engine, hopped out and made his way up the short pathway to her front door. He reached out to ring the bell, but the door swung open before his finger could make contact. Vincent’s eyes widened and his throat constricted at the sight of Dominique standing in the doorway. She was dressed in a two-piece bondage, Dominatrix lingerie set. The unique accessory was a leather harness bra with eight rivets and layers of chains barely covering her breasts. Perched atop her head sat bunny ears, as if they’d been glued there.

Dominique stepped to the side allowing him to enter. He walked into the glamorous foyer, gaping at the gleaming marble floor and taking in the works of art adorning the walls. He regarded a couple of them, marveling at their abstract details. As soon as he heard the sound of Dominique locking the door, he quickly whirled around. She started moving seductively toward him.

Vincent cleared his throat. “Dominique, why are you dressed like … wait, umm, are we going to? Shouldn’t we discuss—”

She cut him off before he could finish his sentence. Dominique’s eyes gleamed as she raised the riding crop in her left hand. Its leather loop flapper slapped against her palm with a sharp thwack. A wicked sneer curved at the corners of her mouth, then she ordered. 

“Assume the position, baby boy.”

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“Assume the position, baby boy.”

Vincent Alessandro Moretti, III., is a master of creative problem-solving, known for his ability to resolve even the most impossible dilemmas. But when one of his brothers lands himself in hot water, Vincent’s expertise is tested more than ever before. Vincent must use every skill in his arsenal to make this problem disappear.

Meanwhile, Dominique Nyari Benoit is thriving in her career after shedding her negative marriage. She doesn’t think she’ll ever open up her heart again and isn’t interested in settling down with anyone anytime soon, but everything changes when her path crosses Vincent at Club Desire.

As sparks ignite, they stumble into a web of hidden dangers and deceit that threatens to derail all they each have worked for.

Can Vincent fix the problem this time, or will his reckless desire for Dominique lead to their downfall?

Releasing 12/13!

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