Sneak Peek #2 Falling for Jordyn




“Would you like to know where your case had holes?

“Yes, Counselor. Of course, I want to know … although, I think your rules were flawed. I’m pretty sure you set me up for the loss,” Jordyn grumbled, pushing her lips out in a pout.

Nicholas arched an eyebrow. His woman would always be a worthy opponent in any court proceeding. She would never go down without a fight. However, he was ready for her objections on how he’d come out the successor.

He set the bar on the bed before turning his attention to her. Nicholas paused to admire her curvaceous and nude form as she knelt on the soft rug before him. In her mind, she should’ve won their mock game of court. But she forgot one important fact: their Dom and sub dynamic remained unchanged regardless of any situation. All rules were still in place and must be followed.

Nicholas moved to stand behind her. He leaned forward, running his nose along her neck, inhaling her sweet fragrance. Jordyn tilted her head to the side to give him more access. His mouth latched onto the silky skin, nibbling and sucking. She gasped, the sound caught between a sigh and a moan.

“Mmm, Counselor.”

He nuzzled his way up to her earlobe and whispered. “Kitten, you forgot the rules. Were you wearing panties tonight?”

“B-b-but, Counselor I—”

“No buts, Kitten. Were you wearing panties?”

“Yes, Counselor, I was.”

“And do you have a butt plug inserted right now?”

“No, Counselor, I do not.” Jordyn admitted, her tone and the dropping of her shoulders denoting recognition of her errors.

“Exactly, Kitten. Those two rules being broken are the reason you’re on your knees now. It doesn’t matter if you’re mad at me and we’re not speaking. I’m your Dom. You will be punished when you don’t follow our rules. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Counselor,” she conceded.

Nicholas cupped the heavy underside of her honey-soft mounds, squeezing them together. Using his thumb and index fingers, he tugged and twisted until her nipples tightened to sharp peaks. Jordyn began gyrating her hips and rubbing her rear end across his erection.

Without warning, Nicholas released her breasts and stood up straight. He scolded Jordyn, wagging a finger. “Aht. Aht. Don’t move. You’re not in charge here.”

 She squirmed and whimpered, but kept her head down.

Nicholas reached out and lifted her chin, bringing their eyes to meet. “Don’t worry. I’ll make sure that greedy lil’ kitty of yours gets fed. But right now, this pretty face deserves to get fucked.”

“Mmmm, yes! Please, Counselor. Fuck my face,” Jordyn begged, her body trembling.


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