Cupid’s Kiss




Are you ready to spend Valentine’s Day with us?

Our novel anthology, Cupid’s Kiss, features several beloved tropes – including the alpha hero, grumpy/sunshine, and the ever classic soulmates!

Follow these fiery couples along their journey toward finding love – on their own terms.

With Valentine’s Day as the theme, each of these six racy stories showcase strong and passionate male leads that are paired with caring and charismatic leading ladies – it’s sure to leave you wanting more.

So, grab your sweets and get ready to explore page after page of Cupid’s Kiss today!


Here are the featured authors and their stories for our anthology:


Darie McCoy “Just Kiss Me”

Ryker Stephens was just minding his business, playing blackjack at Anton’s, when he laid eyes on a beauty who immediately captured his attention. Love was the last thing on his mind. However, from the moment she walked into his arms, literally, his new mission became providing whatever she needed—and he didn’t even know her name yet.

Mo Flames “Make You Mine”

Tanya Ryan is the smart and attractive talent acquisition agent for one of Atlanta’s most popular socialites. She can’t risk losing her highest paying client lusting after her brother. Yet her client’s brother is unwavering in his pursuit to get Tanya to acknowledge their attraction.

Niccoyan Zheng “Venus Next Door”

Isaac Lam likes his quiet, non-festive cul-de-sac just the way it is. Everyone stays to themselves and minds their own business. One visit from his new neighbour Venus ‘Vee’ Desmond and he senses things are about to change.

J. Nell “Bows and Arrows”

Carys is taken aback when summoned before the council for a special meeting. He is presented with a rare assignment – a mission that, if successful, would alter his life forever.

Latrell R. Morris “The Gentleman in Red”

Middle school teacher Trina Jackson lives an ordinary life. She comes home, grades papers, watches TV, and repeats it the next day. One evening, she spots a shiny, red sport’s car parked in her former neighbor’s reserved spot. She’s fascinated with the beauty. Unknowingly to Trina, someone’s fascinated with her.

K. McCoy “The Continental Honeymoon”

Tasha Daye-Grant couldn’t be happier to be Jerome’s wife. Until she finds herself unable to voice her unique request to her husband while on their trip overseas.


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