One Ain’t Enough


Derrik is the perfect man for Desiree, but his best friend is Troy – a famous NFL player that she loved and wanted to marry. Derrik captures Desiree’s heart, but she is still hypnotized by Troy’s swagger and strung out on his back-breaking sex. Derrik brings love and stability, but her body wants the relentless passion that Troy brings. Having to be discreet is her only option because she is married to Jamal – a handsome doctor that spends too much time away from home. She refuses to cheat, but her options look good.

And that’s only where the drama begins. Add Troy’s unhappy marriage to an aspiring diva, Jamal being caught in a love triangle that does not include Desiree, and the in-your-face opinions of Desiree’s best friend and you have the makings of a nuclear bomb.

Can you handle the uncut drama? Well, prepare to overdose on One Ain’t Enough, the scandalous debut of Mo Flames.



Mo Flames is a talented and versatile writer that has perfected the art of storytelling. She introduces a unique and creative style that captures and captivates readers from the first page to the last.


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