Reckless Desire




“Assume the position, baby boy.”

Vincent Alessandro Moretti, III., is a master of creative problem-solving, known for his ability to resolve even the most impossible dilemmas. But when one of his brothers lands himself in hot water, Vincent’s expertise is tested more than ever before. Vincent must use every skill in his arsenal to make this problem disappear.

Meanwhile, Dominique Nyari Benoit is thriving in her career after shedding her negative marriage. She doesn’t think she’ll ever open up her heart again and isn’t interested in settling down with anyone anytime soon, but everything changes when her path crosses Vincent at Club Desire.

As sparks ignite, they stumble into a web of hidden dangers and deceit that threatens to derail all they each have worked for.

Can Vincent fix the problem this time, or will his reckless desire for Dominique lead to their downfall?


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