Falling For Jordyn (PB)




A powerful and undeniable attraction ignites a forbidden romance.

Jordyn Carter, a fiercely ambitious lawyer at Carter Equity Holdings, stumbles into a whirlwind romance that shouldn’t – no – can’t happen. Her heart skips a beat, maybe 10, when Nicholas “Nico” Moretti, a notorious playboy and her former college crush, re-enters her life amidst a high-profile acquisition. As their professional facades melt away, desire replaces reason and passion burns hot.

Unseen obstacles appear as dark forces conspire against them. Secrets lurking in their family histories—old vendettas, betrayals, and a sinister past, weave a complex web that threatens to rip their passionate connection apart.

Still, Jordyn and Nico dare to explore their burgeoning love while the ghosts of their families’ intertwined histories emerge, casting a long and ominous shadow. An unexpected tragedy forces an uneasy peace between the two warring families forcing them to unite. Long buried mysteries are unearthed, kindling a quest for truth and, perhaps, reconciliation.

In a world where love battles legacy and passion provokes the past, can Jordyn and Nico’s love survive the ultimate test?


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