Holiday Bliss




Discover four sensational indie authors in this Christmas Anthology!


Are you a reader that would love a little bit of merry and light, along with a dash of messy and spice?


Then go ahead and unwrap this holiday gift early!


Holiday Bliss features many well loved tropes – including enemies to lovers, secret crushes, family, and dark romance.


If those tropes ring your bells – go ahead and get comfy in your favorite snuggle attire, either solo or with your special someone as you explore how two reality TV show rivals learn that the real game between them is just beginning – days before Christmas. Along with a work mishap that brings two old crushes together, a daring rescue that brings to light the dark truth for one married couple, and finds out what is waiting on the other side for another wedded pair once a snow storm ends on Christmas day.


These four fantastic reads have intriguing leading ladies and their own charming males, each promising a unique thrill with Christmas as a key element within the story. And along the way, every story will remind you why love is the true reason for the season.


No need to wait until Christmas Day – slip into your favorite sweater and cozy on up with Holiday Bliss today!


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