It’s No April Fools’ … Nico & Jordy Take Over! ????????

Nico & Jordyn Takeover

Hey Flames,

Hold on to your hats and prepare for a unique experience like no other! Today, I have a special surprise in store for you. I’ve decided to hand over the reins of this email to my characters from my upcoming book, Falling for Jordyn. That’s right – Nicholas (Nico) Moretti and Jordyn (Jordy) Carter are taking over!

I couldn’t resist the opportunity to let Nico and Jordy share their perspective, insights, and a little mischief with you. So, without further ado, I’ll let them introduce themselves and take center stage. Take it away, Nico!

Nico: Oh, how exciting it is to have this chance to communicate directly with you.

I’m Nicholas Tommaso Moretti, but everybody calls me Nico. You might remember me from the pages of Reckless Desire, where I helped my older brothers Vince and Josh remedy an issue surrounding my other brother, Joey.

Jordyn: And I’m Jordyn Danyé Carter, but everybody calls me Jordy. You might remember me from One Is Enough, when I visited my brother Derrik for his 30th birthday celebration.

Nico & Jordy: We’re excited to be the ones hijacking Mo’s email today. We wanted to step out of the story and into your world. We wanted to share a bit about ourselves, our quirks, our passions, and maybe even a secret or two.

Nico: You want to go first, Kitten?

Jordy: Why, thank you, Counselor.

Jordy: I’ll start with telling you a little about who I am. As I’ve already mentioned, I’m Derrik’s baby sister and half of the dynamic duo known as the Carter twins. Jayde is my older, identical twin sister. I love a good ramen bowl and draft beer. You can find me reading dark romances, watching anime, or shopping with Jayde. Of course, she’s been my best friend since the womb. As my sounding board, you’ll see her a lot during this story. God knows, I’m going to need her now more than ever.

I work on the corporate legal team for my brother, Derrik’s company, Carter Equity Holdings (CEH). As a lawyer, I’m responsible for successfully negotiating, and/or closing transaction deals after obtaining approvals and finalizing terms. I find myself in Atlanta in the middle of another major acquisition project for CEH when I run into my former classmate and crush, Nicholas Moretti. Nico was such a playboy in college that I would’ve never given him a chance. Now as fate would have it, we’ve crossed paths and well, we can’t ignore the sparks flying between us. We’re giving it a try to be a couple and things are off to an amazing start. But beyond the surface, there are bigger issues threatening to tear Nico and me apart. I’m not so sure our love will be enough to keep us together. I’ll let him tell you more.

Okay, Counselor, you’re up.

Nico: You know I love it when you call me that, Kitten.

Jordy: Focus, Nico.

Nico: That’s right. My bad, I forgot they were here.

Alright y’all, I’m the youngest of the Moretti clan. I’m a Grady Baby and was raised here in the A. If you know, you know. Anyway, I work as a lawyer at my family’s law firm, Moretti & Valentino, LLP. We’re an international law firm assisting clients globally in various legal areas such as private equity, M&A, litigation, intellectual property, and more. When I’m not doing all of that, I enjoy playing Call of Duty with my boys, riding my Beamer 1000, and reading. Oh, I love hot wings and beer just like Jordy.

After running into Jordyn at that meeting, I knew I had to have her. I couldn’t let her walk out of my life again. I’ve fallen hard so I’m determined to be with her. I will do whatever it takes to make sure we’re together.

However, it won’t be easy. She wasn’t lying when she said I was a playboy. My reputation has preceded me. Y’all know how it is. Sometimes our past can come back to haunt us. Then there are unforeseen forces working against us to tear apart what we’re trying hard to keep together.

Oh…the big secret, if you’ve followed along from The Enough Series, you know that my brother Joey and Jordyn’s brother, Derrik have an unresolved matter to address. This is a forbidden love. With us getting together, our families will be at war.

Jordyn & Nico: Throughout Falling for Jordyn, you’ll get to see our journey unfold and witness the choices we make, the challenges we face while our relationship blossoms. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions and experiences, and we can’t wait for you to join us on this thrilling ride. But enough about us! We want to hear from you, Flames. We promise to read every message and do our best to respond.

Alright Flames, what are your thoughts on Falling for Jordyn?

Do you have any questions or theories about our characters or the story? Feel free to hit reply and let your voice be heard.

And stay tuned, the cover reveal will be in a couple of weeks along with the preorder link!

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