Love in A Minor Sneak Peek


Their eyes met for a moment. Suddenly, her throat felt parched. She wanted to exchange the tea in her Starbucks cup and quench her thirst with a venti of Jamin. Really, Shay? You have to work with this man! Stuck, she couldn’t find the words to speak. Her tongue was too heavy. Forcing a firm swallow, she waved instead and flashed him a big, dimpled smile. 

“Instead of standing there gawking at me, how about you get me a green tea with lemon, and extra honey.”?” 

Shayla blinked a couple of times. She wasn’t sure she heard him right. 

“My bad yo. Nice to meet you, newbie. But I still need my tea. You gonna get it for me, Shayla?” 

Her traitorous pussy twitched. Dammit! Why did he say my name like that? No, why is he looking at me like that? For a split second, she was stuck again, but as she stared into those chestnut brown eyes, it dawned on Shayla he was trying to play her. She came close to snapping her own neck from the abrupt and fast rotation. 

“Hell no, nigga. Do I look like the runner to you? I came here to sang. Get somebody else to do it.”

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